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Lauren Lindberg is a former Factory member and a current student at Chapman University. We checked in with her to find out about her current projects.


What is this Community Voices class you are taking?

It’s a lot like the Factory summer programs, but somewhat different in that we use the organizations to find one person to use as a subject and we use them to make a portrait film that at the same time also promotes the organization.  For my Community Voices project I’m working with two other filmmakers and we are paired up with an Org called Working Wardrobes—which empowers young men, women and veterans overcoming challenges to enter the workforce by providing career training, job placement assistance and wardrobe services.  Our subject, Shannon, is a veteran who just went through 6 weeks of training with the program and today had a complete makeover, wardrobe change, and chance to meet people hiring in the workforce. It was followed up by a fashion show for all the program graduates (a 12 hour day starting at 6AM for me!)


You’re in another class, Project W?

Yes - there are 4 teams of 3 students each make a film profiling a woman who shows courage in the face of challenges. We have barely begun pre-production and are still in the process of finding/narrowing down to one woman to be our subject, but I am beyond excited for this project and think that it could be something really great. We are planning on confirming our subject by the end of this week.


I hear there’s money involved in supporting these projects?

Yes, $3,000 towards the Community Voices project and $10,000 for Project W. They are fairly competitive classes to get into, you need to have a solid track record for both filmmaking and fundraising.

Thanks for your time Lauren, and good luck on your projects this semester!